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Moving & Packing
Organizing Services


Moving can be stressful. Especially when you have a full plate!

Why not allow Xtreme Audacity to take the burden of packing and/or unpacking your belongings off your plate!  

We pack in a distinct organized fashion that will maximize efficiency and provide a strategic advantage when unpacking, creating a quick and easy transition in your new space.  

The timeline and cost for each project is estimated and will vary based on the size, condition, elements, and complexity of the project(s). 


Book your Onsite Consultation today!

We would love to connect and collaborate with you to get a clear understanding of how Xtreme Audacity can best serve you!


To ensure both the quality of our consulting services and value of time, there is a non-refundable $50 consultation fee required for scheduling.  

For planning purposes, XA Projects generally require 2-3 sessions to complete. Please ensure you give both yourself and XA enough time to properly plan and execute your project to maximize the effectiveness of our services! 

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