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"You either take control of your clutter

or it takes control of you. It’s that simple."

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My name is Takilla, I am a Professional Organizer and the Owner of Xtreme Audacity LLC. I also have the privilege of being the President of NABPO (The National Association of Black Professional Organizers) where our mission is to empower and educate existing and start-up minorities and women.

I have always possessed a keen eye for creating harmony and simplicity, and have been known to see the beauty in clutter, chaos and disorder. 

Outside of transforming lives through organization, I also have the privilege of being the mother of two amazing young men.


I love to dance, and I volunteer my spare time to be youth advocate for young women in the community!  

I have an amazing team of individuals who love to serve and make a difference in their communities one space at a time. We are out to reveal the true potential of your home and spaces so that it can be something to be proud of.


We are here to help you transform your surroundings into the space you envisioned it to be when you first stepped foot in it! We will teach you creative methods to best utilize your space and bring back your peace of mind! 

We’re committed to the S. Y. S. T. E. M. 

S-aving   Y-ou   S-pace   T-ime   E-nergy   M-oney

Here at XA we offer a high level of experience, professionalism, authenticity, and transparency in a nonjudgmental environment.


We stand with you to create a place of peace and harmony that allows you to configure your space exactly as you dreamed it to be. 

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