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Move Management


Xtreme Audacity offers professional organization solutions

to transition our clients through the moving process from beginning to end.

We take the worry and stress out of moving.  



We’re committed to the S.Y.S.T.E.M.


Our specialty is structure and item management, where we provide our clients with 1st-class organizational tools and the peace of mind that comes along with it.

Our solutions include, but are not limited to… 

Full-Service Move Management  

Floor planning

Strategic Downsizing

Full-Service Relocation

Organized Packing

Home clear-outs

Out-of-State and Local Relocations

Organized Unpacking 

Donation runs

Listen • Plan • Sort • Pack • Move • Unpack

As a move management enterprise, we follow a Gold Star Standard and will diligently walk you through the transitions of the relocation process.

This allows you to relax and enjoy the exciting parts of moving!  


Senior Move Management 

We plan and organize relocation and downsizing for our elderly clients moving into smaller residences, or senior living communities.


At XA, we take special care of the needs of our elderly and disabled customers to provide them with a stress-free relocation and brighten these days of their golden years. 


Family Move 


We assist all types of families, from couples to blended families of roommates to minimize the chaos and stress associated with moving by addressing all aspects of the move process.


XA has the ability to simplify the difficulties of complex relocation. 


Business & Office
Move Management 

Our corporate relocation team is expertly equipped to help businesses carry out pre-move estimations, calculate the expenses of the moving process, and adhere to the client’s budget and limitations to allow for a seamless office transition.

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