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"Where Disorder meets Organized Solutions!” 

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At Xtreme Audacity, we work hand in hand with our clients to design customized management systems. Employing innovative strategies, we seamlessly integrate your home, family, and business environments.


These meticulously crafted systems are aimed not only at helping you achieve your organizational goals but also at maintaining a standard of excellence in your management practices for the long term!

Our Services

Our Mission

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Our mission is to enable our clients to cherish life's most vital elements: their space, time, energy, and finances.


A tidy and well-organized home transforms hosting family and friends into a tranquil and delightful experience.


When faced with a sense of unpreparedness and daunting clutter, performing even the simplest tasks of life can become a challenge.

We at XA leave clients with concrete solutions and
innovative strategies on how to get and stay organized. 


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Gabrielle P. 

"Takilla is truly awesome at what she does. She has come in and truly made me feel as though I can get a grip on the clutter in my home and establish a system for on-going organization. 

She offers a number of solutions and constantly checks to ensure the system that we put in place in the last session aligns with the functionality of our lives.  


She is an organizer who recognizes that there isn't a one-size fits all solution to organization.


I highly recommend Takilla and Xtreme Audacity!" 

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Amy C. 

I can not compliment Takilla enough. 


We are moving my elderly aunt and selling her house and needed alot of help getting things decluttered and organized. 


Takilla delivered exactly what she promised. I am blown away on how much she was able to get done.  


She is friendly, caring, compassionate and honest. 


I would give her more stars if I could. Would use her again in a heartbeat and will be forever thankful for her help.

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Rachelle L. 

I want to personally thank Ms. Takilla for her dedication to my unorganized situation.  She is amazing.  

My garage has been unorganized and full of excessive stuff for 1-1/2 years. After 2 visits and less than 7 hours, my garage is neat and organized. 


I could not have done this much work in this short amount of time without her. 

This is my 2nd project with Ms Takilla and both were 100% satisfying. I highly recommend her to help you get organized!

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Anitra B. 

Takilla helped me repurpose a space in my home to make it an additional bedroom for our family.  

Her patience and professionalism was amazing.  


She is so creative in her organizational skills as she helped me declutter and find space I didn't even know existed! 


Because of her work, my children have more space!  


My family is very pleased with her work and will definitely be using her again!


About Us

My name is Takilla and I am  a Professional Organizer and the Owner of Xtreme Audacity. 


I have an eye for creating harmony and simplicity, and can see the beauty in clutter, chaos and disorder.

Outside of transforming lives through organization, I also have the privilege of...


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